AGC Kids


There is a new generationof believers that are being raised up. They will stand on our shoulders and go farther than we have ever gone before. We’re rising up a kingdom generation!


AGC Kids is so much more than “childcare!” We believe in equipping children with keytools at each developmental stage through mediums and language that empower them to know their true identity as children of God, while living powerfully as everyday believers!

Looking to Serve? To find out where you can show the love of Jesus to children, send an email to


Meet our Children’s Ministry Director

Lily Prescilla Vijeyaratnam is presently attending McMaster University, completing her degree in Social Psychology. She is currently the Children’s Ministry Director at AGC and is passionate about raising the next generation to be empowered and equipped to live a fruitful life that reflects the Lord. Lily loves music and plays the saxophone with the AGC worship team.

AGC Youth


AGC youth is designed to help middle school and high school students grow their faith, character and relationships.
Iron-Sharp Wednesdays

Every week , our crew get together for games, food, worship and teaching. These nights are open to the community and an opportunity for students to invite their friends to see what we do at AGC.

Time: 7-9pm
Location: Box Grove Community Centre

Passion Worship – Every 3rd Friday

Time: 730-9pm
Location: Box Grove Community Centre

Life Group

Life Group is a day in the week where you can talk about God and share your testimony with the support of other people.  It is a safe and open place where everyone is welcome. You are accepted and respected and you can be yourself—joys, pains, doubts, and all.

AGC Worship

We love music and we love God. Put them together and that is the perfect combination. We do worship sessions in two languages on Sundays; English and Tamil.

Rev. John Worship:

Rev John Vijey released 5 albums over the past 20 years. You can listen to the album on Rapture Records Website.

Global Ministries

Our mission beyond Markham.

Our vision is to expand God’s kingdom, in God’s power, by making disciples, planting and equipping local churches, and practically demonstrating the love of God in areas beyond our local mission.


  • Church planting and church equipping
  • Support ministries and short term mission projects; to help those in need in third world countries.

Present Projects:

  • Church plant: Negombo, Sri Lanka

Local Outreach

Our expression of God’s Love compelling us to reach out.

Local community outreach is our expression of God’s love that compels us to reach out and share His love with our neighborhood! Our desire is to add value to our community in practical and nourishing ways as we build relationships so we can love God and love our neighbors.

We have partnered with the local community, Box Grove Connected and been fundraising for Markham Stouffville Hospital for over 5 years.

We’d love to connect with you if you have any questions about our Local Outreach ministry, please email us: